We offer local fracing, plugging and all other well stimulating services

We offer local fracing, plugging and all other well stimulating services


Oil is abundant throughout the Southwest, so it wouldn't be unusual to find an oil well somewhere on your commercial property or farmland. If you want to take advantage of the oil under your feet, turn to Fraco Services Inc. We offer local fracing services and can help you access and pump oil.

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How our process works

Fracing is a dangerous process that shouldn't be performed by anyone other than a professional. Luckily, our fracing contractors have almost 40 years of experience under our belts and can safely and efficiently extract oil from your land by...

  • First, assessing your oil well to determine its depth and volume
  • Then, delivering fracking sand to your site
  • Next, pumping in the sand to force extraction
  • Finally, collecting your oil for sale or distribution

Fraco Services, Inc. has been established since 1991 and is located on the north border of Texas very close to the Red River in a centralized spot to both Oklahoma and Texas. We are currently servicing North Texas in fracing, acidizing, and cement. In 2004 we switched our services to include oil production as well and we still have a small portion active with that. We are constantly working to better the processes and equipment to increase profitability. I have researched and tested what we are calling Quatro Fracing. This process has been tested on stripper wells and we have gotten a 35% increase of fluid returns with this type of procedure giving it a promising lucrative future.

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