Has Your Oil Well Run Dry?

Has Your Oil Well Run Dry?

Get local plugging services in the Burkburnett & Abilene, TX area

Some oil wells can produce thousands of gallons of oil-some only a tank or two. Eventually, your oil well will run dry. When it does, it's important to get it plugged right away.

Fraco Services Inc. provides professional oil well plugging services in Burkburnett & Abilene, TX and across the Southwest. We'll come to your dry well and fill it with cement so that nearby freshwater sources can't be contaminated by leaking gasses.

Don't wait to plug your dry oil well. Reach out to us today to schedule local plugging services.

Know the dangers of abandoned oil wells

The only way to go about fracking is to do it responsibly. This means taking care of your oil wells even after they've run dry. Neglecting to plug your used well can:

  • Contaminate freshwater sources on your property
When you're done extracting from your well, plugging is the only viable option. Call 940-280-9405 today to learn more about our local plugging services in Burkburnett, TX.